Arkansas Mountain Biking, IMBA World Summit, Bentonville Locals - RWS EP8

The State Board of Tourism for Arkansas invited me to attend IMBA world summit, which is an honor. This event is only held at world class mountain biking ...


A small short film showcasing the small city of Bentonville, Arkansas! The purpose of this project was to practice my cinematography skills using my iPhone 6 ...

Bentonville, Arkansas

A town like no other, Bentonville. Arkansas is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever seen. The goal of the film was to capture the cities attractions and ...

Mountain Biking Around Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas

You can do a LOT of riding if you start off in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. This little tour went through the Slaughter Pen area and a few other great trails.

How To Ride A Bike Park: Coler Trails Bentonville, AR

Subscribe: To skip straight to the SHREDIT go to 5:00 Bike parks are popping up all over, if you've never ridden ...

Mountain Biking the Back 40 in Bentonville, Arkansas

The people of Bentonville have been building some amazing trails, and the Back 40 is the cross country crown jewel. You can spend a LOT of time mountain ...

Exploring NEW Bentonville, AR Area MTB Trails!! - PSF

We got a private invite to check out some new MTB trails coming to Springdale, AR! Had a blast cruising around and exploring the trails before they are marked ...

Arkansas' MTB scene is no joke - IMBA World Summit in Bentonville

As you may have heard, this years IMBA World Summit was held in Northwest Arkansas—which is a pretty big deal. This is, after all, one of the biggest events in ...

Bentonville Flash mob

Superb effort... good team work. Thanks to participants and organizers...!!! Venue: Malco cinema, Rogers, Arkansas.

Down Bentonville & The Walmart Home Office Complex

Go to downtown Bentonville. See Walton's five and dime which is the Walmart museum on a ride by. Walmart home office drive by and parking lot tour.

Cars and Coffee Bentonville, AR January 2017

2017 BENTONVILLE CARS AND COFFEE Instagram: @dsalaz04 // @panda_hemi Snapchat: dsalaz04.

Bentonville Town Square

Feature of the Bentonville Square to portray the diversity in the city.

Civil War Trust Animated Map: Bentonville

Visit our website: Our collection of animated maps bring battles of the American Civil War to life, complete with troop movement ...

Mountain Biking the Slaughter Pen - Bentonville, AR

Evening ride on day 1 in Bentonville. I went a lot further than I thought I would on this ride! Loose gravel everywhere made traction really sketchy, but thankfully ...

A Special Premiere at the Bentonville Film Festival

Academy Gold intern Tracey Aivaz travelled to the Bentonville Film Festival to premiere her :60 second film, "The Box," commissioned by Walmart.

The WalMart Museum in Bentonville, AR

A visit to the folksiest, friendliest museum this side of the Country Bear Jamboree.....the WalMart Museum, located in the original Walton's 5-and-Dime building in ...

Story of the Battle of Bentonville

The story of the last Confederate offensive during the Civil War, as Johnston tried to stop Sherman's advance. Music from the Verniers. Used with permission.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bentonville - Travel Arkansas

Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Beautiful Places in Bentonville - Travel Arkansas: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Museum of Native American History, ...

10th Iowa (Adjunct) Marching into Bentonville "40 Rounds!"

The 10th Iowa (Adjunct) marching into the 150th Battle of Bentonville Reenactment with two short clips from Saturdays battle at the end. 40 Rounds!

Mountain Biking in Bentonville Arkansas with Seth's Bike Hacks and BKXC | The Singletrack Sampler

Alright we're back for another awesome day of riding here in Bentonville, AR (aren't you guys proud I got it right this time? Honestly my biggest take away was ...

2017 Flood Bentonville, AR

first 3 clips are from the intersection of Pumpkin Hollow and Peach Orchard. Last two are taken north water treatment on NE A St.


Because life doesn't end when you get married! This video is about our quick trip to Bentonville Arkansas! We traveled from Rochester, MN to visit some family!

Sights around downtown Bentonville Arkansas

A few sights around downtown Bentonville AR. Lots of changes and growth occurring here and all around Northwest Arkansas. #LoveNWA.

Bloody Hot Back 40 :||: Mountain Biking Bentonville, Arkansas

After leaving Kansas City behind I headed south to Arkansas to the Oz Trails and gavemountain biking Back 40 a go. A super fun singletrack trail, it chewed me ...

Bentonville High School Band performs at Region VI Assessment

The Bentonville High School Band performs at the Arkansas Region VI Marching Assessment at Rogers High School on Oct. 17, 2017.