Lure Duo

DUO lures Presentation in Greece

DUO lures succeed a very spectacular entrance in the Greek lure market, and already became a favorite for many anglers. The presentation performed by our ...

DUO`s Factory - Inside the manufacturing process of lures

In the part two of our "Production" series, we stayed "inside" our factory and introduced all the stages included in the making of a lure after the plastic bodies are ...

Lure Review- DUO Realis Pencil

Lure review of the DUO Realis Pencil 110 topwater walk-the-dog bait.

Salt Life with Spearhead Ryuki

Spearhead Ryuki has been ruling the trout waters for half a decade, but recently has been finding very strong application also in the saltwater. The SW Limited ...

DUO`s "There Is Only One" Chapter III: Total Package

"The Total Package" concept has been the philosophy of DUO since its foundation and the foundation which it was built on was never compromised.

Fishing with DUO #53: Using Spearhead Ryuki 60&70S for yellow Horse Mackerel!

Check this amazing Video and learn with Markos Vidalis how to use "the easy way" Spearhead Ryuki 60 & 70S in the sea!

Saltwater fishing tackle - My DUO Lures - The best japanese lures

Hello As part of my saltwater fishing passion, this is the english version of this video. Here I will show you group of the best japanese lures I ever have before in ...

Копии воблеров DUO TOTO от Trulinoya из Китая Fishing Lure Аliexpress

Рабочие Копии воблеров DUO TOTO от Trulinoya из Китая Fishing Lure Аliexpress. Брал здесь/buy products: 1) 2)

100% Hardcore lure fishing on shallow waters! Feat DUO TM Surf 150 & ZENAQ DEFI BAHN AKAME S98 RG

When fishing seems impossible, then is when you have to try harder!

Duo Realis 100DR Lure Review

This has been the stand out Jack lure for me this Summer. If you want to get your hands on my Monster Jacks DVD and see how I like to use these for big ...

Casting mangrove jack with Lure duo realis pencil

Biarpun moncel, Casting pakai lure Wtd mempunyai sensasi sambaran tersendiri. SALAM STRIKE.....

Heavy Duty Lure: Realis Fangbait 120DR with Mark Berg

Mark Berg shows how he uses Realis Fangbait 120DR for barramundi... You can see the second part of the video at and this ...

Fishing with DUO #83: Tetra Works TOTO 48S and Markos Vidalis on Light trolling for White Seabreams!

Normaly these things do not happen! But combining a super lure with Markos Vidalis, everything become possible!

Fishing pike attack cicada lure Shinmushi. Hechtangeln. Gäddfiske. Рыбалка щука атакует цикаду.

Lure REALIS Grade A Shinmushi 真虫: Absolutely incredible top-water bait, it was real fun to fish with it.

Tools LURE-Duo Hacker CM105 SP G-13 ゴーストワカサギ

Tools LURE-Duo Hacker CM105 SP G-13 ゴーストワカサギ 好きなルアーなのですが 津久井湖では大きすぎるような気がして 結局、バス釣りではなくてシーバ...

Mancing ikan cukil/pelak/barramundi tlocor, lure DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45s l Ultralight fishing

Rod : Trapara xul 1-3lb Rell : Bossna Mini-R 800 Line : ispull line one leader : subaru lure : Ryuki 45s.

Lure Review- DUO Realis Jerkbait

Lure review of the DUO Realis Jerkbait ripbait. This is our first review from DUO and our first of our upcoming ripbait reviews.

Duo Tetra Works 48 HS ile Light Rock Fishing (LRF) Kuzu Avı/Ultra Light 23.06.2018

Shore fishing in the Akdeniz Sea, Antalya Rod: Favorite White Bird 1-7 gr. Reel:Daiwa NJ 2000 BG Lure:DUO Tetra Works 48 HS(Solid Glow) Line:KastKing ...

Lure Review- DUO Realis Popper

Lure review of the DUO Realis Popper topwater popper.

Lure Review- DUO Realis Vibration

Lure review of the DUO Realis Vibration lipless crankbait.

Lure Review- DUO Realis Crank

Lure review of the DUO Realis Crank shallow running crankbait. This is the last DUO Realis review that I have lined up. Thanks to the folks at DUO! Visit their ...

Duo International Reversible Hardbait Lure Cases at TSD!

Check it out! Duo International Reversible Hardbait Lure Cases have arrived. Mike gives the run down on the benefits and convince of these double sided cases.

Tes Hanmade Woden Lure. Duplikat DUO Realis Pencil 90mm. Purwokerto punya bakat.

Manual Hanmade Wooden Lure.

Lure Review- DUO Realis Spinbait

Lure review of the DUO Realis Spinbait 80. This is the first video in a 3 part series of videos I'll be releasing here in the next few days including the Lucky Craft ...

Ultra Light Casting Jayapura With DUO International Lure

Ultra Light sekarang sedang di gandrungi oleh para pehobi mancing sedunia khususnya Indonesa (Jayapura). Dengan teknik ini saya dapat mengexpresikan ...