Bahco reversible ratchet spanner review

The Bahco reversible ratchet spanners are extremely good quality and are very useful. Because one spanner has 4 different sized ratchet rings it makes them very easy to use as you are always guaranteed to have the right size spanner for the job.
Finish forged which is nickel and chrome-plated with a matt-finished.
Flick the directional lever for left and right direction. 5° action.
12-point with Dynamic-Drive Profile™.
The set reviewed is the 5 piece set in practical pouch.

20 sizes in this set is covered by just 5 spanners-
8mm x 9mm x 10mm x 11mm.
12mm x 13mm x 14mm x 15mm.
16mm x 17mm x 18mm x 19mm.
21mm x 22mm x 24mm x 27mm.
30mm x 32mm x 34mm x 36mm.

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5 years ago