NES Longplay [516] Summer Carnival '92 - Recca

Played by: MadMatty

Hi speed bullet hell for the nes!

Their is quite alot going on in this game which causes alot of sprite flickering only adding to the games difficulty. While not to difficult on the games normal mode (short levels, not to much shooting at you, just flying at you fast), the game steps up on hard difficulty (second play) with long levels and plenty shooting at you. The bosses are quite easy and don't take to much effort to beat. just a few hits with the energy bomb.

After beating these two modes, I then show Zanki Attack mode. The idea of this mode is to get through it with as many lives left as possible and you do this by dodging the enemy and shooting them as little as possible as they explode into a mass of bullets. The score is irrelevant. However thx to emulation I go for max score anyway. It is definitely not ment to be beaten this way Wink

00:00:00 Normal mode play
00:22:20 Score Attack (lasts 2 minutes)
00:24:20 Time Attack (reach 1 million points)
00:28:12 Normal Mode, 2nd play (Hard)
01:13:12 Zanki Attack Mode

(QuickNES core was used for recording so it may have more flicker and glitches not present on the actual console)

2 years ago