Rogers/Bentonville, Arkansas-72756

Deputy calls and also makes many trips out here. "Hey Mister louis-the(?) third at zero-interest(?) bin County Sheriff's office. I just wanna call you ask if you might know some people. I guess last night there was an incident with some guy down the road getting beat up. I had guy-named-will-and-the(?) guy named Jessie is supposedly. Anyhow there's also a burglary if you happen(?) down from your(?) from your resident that's wanna make you aware and and see if you knew who will-catch(?) you work you could help me out that be awesome. I know you know a lot of people around here. I guess if you want to do-you(?) know any information be awesome you can call me back at 2xxxxx2 and we can talk further if you know the guys or not or what. I didn't see your new message on the board there. I read it and I'll let everybody know about it. So I didn't see a list of people are living with you so I'm gonna assume that there's no one there. At this time. So anyhow that's all I had for your service morning. So have a good weekend. Thanks !

4 years ago