Bahco Laplander Folding Saw MORA KNIFE COMBO

The Bahco Laplander is dimensioned for cutting branches and felling small to medium trees, and with medium trees I mean up to 5 inches in diameter. Its 7 inch (19 cm) blade length makes it impractical to saw through anything bigger than that. You could, but why would you? There are better tools for big trees.

The Laplander is also marketed as being capable of cutting through plastic and bone.

The XT toothing (which is very sharp) is designed for cutting in both directions, so it cuts when you push and it cuts when you pull.

And it does cut very well. As long as you don’t take on too large of a tree you’ll notice that the blade very rarely sticks, and it makes easy work of anything within its capacity.

Another plus is that the blade folds and locks securely both inside the handle and when folded out, which prevents the blade from opening when it shouldn’t and more importantly from closing over your fingers. Please hit the like on my video and thank you for watching.

1 year ago