Rogers/Bentonville, Arkansas-72756

9/1/2014--- Still running in Pea Ridge as Hershel's old lady I suppose was paid and there rich as hell as most of these SSI welfare people on the 1st of every month. Need to calm myself as hard when I hear chatter and dumb questions asked and didn't take my pain relief pill's as want to make them last longer for hopefully some sleep tonight. At lease did go to Auto store in Pea Ridge and a nice looking guy removed the damn penny after finding something. Gave it to me as if to0 say here old fark, try not to do it again. Oh well what the hell. Thanks guy as I was pissed and know how you felt. Thanks again. Offered a quarter pounded and you said no. Don't like McDonald's. Don't blame you but all thta I can afford especially when someone else is buying.

3 years ago