Rogers/Bentonville, Arkansas-72756

‎Wednesday, ‎August ‎27, ‎2014
Lots of things there I never expected to see. Some things had been there for years and I had to see. Of course the king was playing golf and was not there, neither was most of his posse, czars, or whatever he calls them? The black ones of course. They were all in Ferguson, Mo. honoring their hero. Plenty of white folks there though and they allowed me to walk the hall of portraits. I was surprised to see the one of Barry at home. The Kenyan license plates on the car were of special interest. I had never seen them before. I know, most folks want to see the rose garden, but I'm a history buff! Its a must see if you ever get to go.
John Lewis
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756

3 years ago